Mobile Patrols

St Anselms SchoolMobile Patrols

Mobile Security patrols are the ultimate low cost security service and at Atlas Security Patrol Ltd we specialise in the delivery of professional security officer services to our customers.  We don’t provide anything off the shelf,  instead every solution is custom designed to meet and exceed the needs of every unique client who we serve.

In this industry, exceptional interpersonal skills and superior security knowledge are required and at Atlas Security Patrol all of our Security Guards have the necessary skills and experience, are fully licensed and instantly recognisable in their smart and distinctive uniforms.

Rather than paying for manned security around the clock, you are hiring our security patrols to perform frequent checks at your property.  They are a visible deterrent and they show up at irregular intervals, putting the career criminal off his stride!  If anything suspicious is detected during a check, our guards are trained to investigate and take the necessary action required.


Building NightOne of the great advantages of Atlas Security Patrol is that we can be very flexible and we can tailor our services to best suit your requirements.  If that means you need frequent checks throughout the day and night, we will brief our guards accordingly.  If you would prefer to know when our patrols will be visiting the property, we can provide you with a schedule.  If suspicious activity is detected, it will be investigated and the relevant authorities notified.  Our Security Officers will remove unauthorised individuals, help prevent and protect against intruders and thieves, as well as deter cases of assault and criminal damage.  They will also help prevent vacant properties from becoming occupied by unwanted visitors, who may be legally hard to remove.


Quality Assurance

Atlas Security Patrol carries out all its keyholding and alarm response services in accordance with BS 7984:2008 industry code of practice; therefore you will be safe in the knowledge that you are being protected by a  local Wirral based company who is committed to providing a high quality mobile security patrol service at a competitive cost.

All of the security personnel are trained in accordance with British Standards 7499:2007 and 7960:2005, vetted in accordance with British Standards 7858:2012 and licensed under SIA (Security Industry Authority) regulations.